Steampunk is such an interesting theme and is emerging into today’s wedding scene.

Steampunk is a science-fiction subgenre, typically featuring steam-powered machinery and a fusion of the Victorian-Industrial aesthetic. Its style is a compilation of industrial, sci-fi, Wild West and the Victorian time period.

Steampunk-Wristlet - HotHouse Design Studio in Birmingham, Al

Another floral trends expert describes the Steampunk trend in this YouTube video:

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This theme is truly seen in the nature of the details. Floral pieces are most often a mix of flowers and metal, such as actual metal roses worked among the fresh bouquets. Color schemes are often kept very neutral, in ivories, brown and a mix of metals.

Steampunk-CloseUp - Hothouse Design Studio in Birmingham, AL -

Floral jewelry is always interesting, and with Steampunk style, fresh blooms on wristlets and necklaces are embellished further with metal gears and leather bands.

Steampunk-Wires - HotHouse Design Studio in Birmingham, AL

If you are dreaming of an on-trend style wedding, ask your local florist for ideas.