Flower Wristlet

"Shy Shelley" chooses prom flowers in a “monochromatic” scheme — tints, tones and shades of one color.

Prom is all about enjoying a fabulous party, looking drop dead gorgeous and dancing the night away. Let your personality shine through in all your choices for such a special evening.

Once you have your dress, the little details will fall into place. When it comes to selecting the flowers for your corsage and your date’s boutonnière, start with your dress color and check out the color wheel from art class. By observing the color rules, you can take your dress color, mix in your unique personality and choose the perfect color for your flowers.

Here, I’ll show you how three girls, each wearing a red dress to prom, will end up with totally different flowers uniquely perfect for them based on their personalities and the expertise of the color wheel.

  • Flower Wristlet

    Prom flowers for "Sporty Stacy" are “analogous" — next to each other on the wheel.

    Shy Shelley is a little reserved but totally thrilled about prom. She often wears the same color palette; mixing a lot of colors is not her thing. For Shelley’s prom flowers, a good candidate would be a “monochromatic” scheme, tints, tones and shades of one color. Although that may sound a limiting, it really isn’t. With her red dress, Shelley’s flowers could be everything from pale pink tints, pink, deep pink, ruby red, deep red and into burgundy shades and all the tones in between.

  • Sporty Stacy enjoys getting dressed up but if they push any more fluff, she might just walk away. She typically wears jeans and a cute top every day. Stacy likes color, just not too much of it. For Stacy’s prom flowers, her color scheme would be “analogous,” colors next to each other on the wheel. With her red dress, Stacy should wear colors on either side of red on the color wheel, which happen to be red violet and red orange.
  • Flower Wristlet

    "Bold Bonnie" opts for prom flowers in "complementary" colors – colors directly across from each other on the color wheel.

    Bold Bonnie likes edgy colors that cause tension. She’ll choose a complementary color – the color directly across from red on the color wheel. In this case, the opposite color is green. The red-green combination might look Christmas-sy and not the best choice for a spring prom. No problem. Swap out traditional green for a bright spring green as the accent color. Another avenue for Bonnie is to accent her red dress with white flowers and sparkling green rhinestones.

Ask your florist to guide you through the color wheel to help you select your prom flowers, and your personality will shine on prom night.

What color dress are you wearing to prom, and what colors are your flowers?