There’s a spirit in the air come September that is somewhat infectious. It can be felt by kindergarteners as well as longtime graduates. Some call it “Homecoming,” others know it as “Back to School,” and all feel that familiar “School Spirit,” which ushers in the fall season.

First Day Back to School Flower Head Wreaths

At my children’s school, which spans pre-school to 8th grade, there is a welcoming custom on the first day of school that is absolutely precious. The cheerleaders line up at the main gate dressed in their uniforms and wearing floral head wreaths with school color ribbons dangling down their back. They shout cheers and perform routines as the kids enter, welcoming them back to school in a super fun way. Flower WristletFlower head wreaths are such a beautiful adornment that can be made even more spectacular by your local florist’s design ideas. Not only can you bring school colors into the flowers and ribbons on the wreath, your florist will know what the latest trends are for embellishing floral wearables such as gem or jewel accents.

Flowers Freshen Up Volunteer Round-Ups

Parent involvement is integral to school fund-raising. At the beginning of the school year it seems there is a volunteer sign-up meeting every week for fund-raisers or morale-boosting events that are scheduled throughout the year. Kick off a volunteer round-up and generate school spirit with a flower arrangement along with the coffee and doughnuts (raffle the arrangement after the round-up!). Talk to your florist about incorporating a school symbol into the floral design such as a plush toy that represents the mascot.

And of course, saying “thank you” to those who give their time is made that much sweeter when expressed with a flower. At the end of the year along with bouquets for those who have donated a Centerpiecesignificant amount of time, give a single stem to each person who was kind enough to show up for a day or two to help the school at an event.

Homecoming Alumni Party Centerpieces

For homecoming parties, you want to go upscale with the flowers but still bring in the old school spirit in a polished manner. Not only do homecoming parties provide the opportunity for alumni to catch up with former classmates, these get-togethers often pave the way for donor outreach. Consider branding the vases or containers on a gorgeous floral centerpiece with your school’s emblem, a varsity letter, even a simple sticker or decal. Ask your florist how he or she has branded flowers for corporate events and think about how you can translate those ideas for spirited centerpieces at your homecoming party.