SAF_2013_facebook_pre_mothers_day_post_1I’ve always loved Mother’s Day, as a time to treasure the most important women in our lives and to honor the memories of those gone before us. But I never truly appreciated how special the role of “mom” is until I became one myself. Through the many, always changing stages of being a mom (I’m currently navigating the intricacies of raising teenagers), I’ve often wondered what it was like for my own mom as she was raising my sister and me, and for my grandmother in raising six children. While the times were different for each and some of the daily necessities and communication vehicles surely varied, the basic and ultimate role of mother is the same … to love, to care for, to nurture, to worry, to help, to hold on, and to let go … in little ways all along, and then in the big way of being satisfied that you gave them wings to fly and be their own person with their own life.  SAF-Facebook-Pre-Mothers_Day_DayOne-1

What I am realizing more and more as the years go on, is that from the very day you take on this most important job of all, you can never quit or be fired. You never stop being a mother no matter how much things change. So, on this weekend designated to honor the great ladies in our lives, take time to send some love and appreciation to your mom, grandmother, aunt, sister, daughter, friends — all who play a role in this wonderful privilege we call motherhood.

Happy Mother’s Day!