Succulents WallSucculents are beautiful and trendy plants. They’re so cool, they’re literally planted in the walls to decorate the outside of fashionable stores in New York City.

I like designing with succulents. They look stunning as portable gardens evocative of floral arrangements. A collection of beautiful succulents makes wonderful botanical gifts, and brings smiles and delivers the message of warm thoughts. Here are a few examples:

Want to cheer up a friend or give encouragement? A simple white ceramic cup and saucer filled with a single pink plant will do the trick. How can you not smile at this? It is as cute as a button.

Succulent in Tea CupCongratulate a friend who is starting a new job with succulents in a simple black slate vessel. These plants are bursting with enthusiasm and will surely inspire creativity for the new hire. Also, monochromatic plants are serene and can provide a little break when work gets hectic.Succulents Arrangement

This third design is suited to convey sympathy. It is in a Victorian-inspired planter, black oval with feet, handles and a touch of gold. Created with the feeling of, “I wish I could be there to give you a shoulder to cry on,” this succulent garden will comfort the recipient for months, visually reminding them how much you care.

Succulent Dish GardenSucculents are easy to care for since they harvest water, like squirrels collect nuts, for dry times. Just be careful not to overwater them. The idea is to get water to the roots to let them drink, then drain excess water. Never let the pot sit in a puddle.

There are many types of succulents. Ask your florist  about some of my favorites: crassulas (mini-jade, pagoda or perforata), sedums (mini varieties), mesembryanthemum (some look like mini trees), aloe and agave, sansevieria and haworthias.

What is your favorite succulent?