Prince William to marry Kate Middleton -- Photo by Oldmaison

With the Royal Wedding just weeks away, most of the world is focused on one thing: Kate. Yes, a bride on her wedding day trumps kings, queens, and princes. I certainly have mused over what Miss Middleton will wear, but as an entertaining expert, food and flowers are what excite me the most about this milestone event!

Clues About Kate’s Colors
It’s just a hunch, but I think Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, the heirloom sapphire that once graced Princess Diana’s finger, will inspire the color palette for her wedding to Prince William. Blue seems to be a favorite of the princess-to-be, as she was radiant in a royal blue dress when the couple announced their engagement on TV. Look for that gorgeous sapphire color paired with pastel-toned shoes, sashes, and grand flowers in complementary hues on April 29th in Westminster Abbey!

Good Bets About Flowers and Food
Since Queen Victoria’s wedding in 1840, traditional royal wedding bouquets have had a sprig of myrtle among the flowers that compose the bridal bouquet. Given Kate’s elegance and respect for tradition, don’t be surprised if that myrtle sprig accents an expertly arranged bouquet of roses; a nod to Prince William’s mother Princess Diana whose nickname was, “The English Rose.” You can be sure she’s consulted the top royal florists to bring her floral vision to life.  Check out our Florist Directory to find you your own local expert.

As for the food, chances are a gourmet menu featuring organic and locally grown fare will be what guests enjoy at the reception. Prince William and his bride have definitely gone “green” with certain elements of their wedding, such as their request that donations are made to charity in lieu of gifts. And one of the many wedding cakes that will be whipped up for the big day will be made by the Welsh National Culinary Team who has been chosen to bake a cake in honor of the event, which will be donated to Centrepoint, a charity for homeless young people supported by Prince William.

Royal Wedding to Set Nuptial Trends
No doubt, this spring celebration will prompt many a bride and groom to add a royal touch to their wedding. And, given the fact that Kate Middleton comes from a family formerly in the party supply and decor business, it’s a good bet that many of the wedding’s decorative elements will be trend-setters. Will it be Kate’s bridal bouquet that sets the floral style for the rest of the year or something as simple as a novel place card idea at the reception? After the big day, brides from around the world are certain to share their style “must-haves” from the Royal Wedding on wedding blogs and in social media, and we’ll chime in with tips on how to achieve your own affordable regal wedding style fit for a prince and princess.

How are you bringing a splash of royalty to your wedding? Share your ideas in the comments.
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