American Florists Applaud Royal Wedding Flowers

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From the first glimpse of the bride to the official kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, floral industry professionals joined the millions around the globe glued to their TV sets nibbling on scones and eyeing the wedding decor and imagining its impact on weddings on this side of the pond. Much floral buzz swirls around Kate’s bridal bouquet described by the royal press release as, “a shield-shaped wired bouquet of myrtle, lily-of-the-valley, sweet William and hyacinth. The bouquet was designed by Shane Connolly and draws on the traditions of flowers of significance for the Royal Family, the Middleton family and on the Language of Flowers.”

Along with the bridal bouquet, here are initial thoughts on the Royal Wedding’s floral decorations from top U.S. florists as the event progressed:

Simply elegant! Kate is beautifully feminine in her traditional lace gown and delicate bouquet of flowers. Her small tiara speaks volumes of her desire for individuality. Lovely as she gracefully approaches the altar, she is truly a princess!

The wedding was beautiful with the understated elegance of the well-placed floral pieces. I was most captivated by the formality and reverence of the ceremony…stunning! Will we see a return to elegant church weddings here?

A lovely understated teardrop bouquet of Lily of the Valley. Reminiscent of Grace Kelly’s bouquet.

The personal flowers are understated and make a simple statement. The bride’s bouquet carries a piece of myrtle that was cut from the myrtle that was grown from the myrtle in Queen Victoria’s bouquet. All in all, the floral display has the charm of the countryside and that is what the bride wanted to achieve.

The flowers the small attendants are carrying and wearing are very streamlined — especially the floral wreaths the little gals are wearing. Their bouquets are very petite made with small flowers more like a tussie-mussie.

I truly love Pippa’s hairpiece of Lily of the Valley. No bouquet for her, but the hairpiece is beautifully shaped and lovely.

The altar is beautifully decorated, but certainly not overdone. A perfect backdrop for for such a handsome couple. Befits the ‘do not be haughty’ lines of the reading.

The trees lining the aisle are English field maples – symbolic of humility and reserve and also Hornbeam – another local tree – which is symbolic of resilience. So great to have the meanings of the items so well thought out! Looks like the bases of the trees have a planter effect – filled with, among other things, Lily of the Valley!

The bouquets on each side of the altar and in the niches outside the front of the cathedral are large and abundant all white, predominately oak leaf hydrangea and many natural fillers and fern fronds. The 20-foot Maples give a more intimate setting for the wedding set in such a large church. The large arrangements in the church are open and airy, the mass designs are perfect for the setting.

The flowers banking over the chancel area are very natural looking. Nothing forced into shape, more like the people we’ve seen this couple to be. Greens paramount, with just enough white to lighten. These flowers will be on display at Westminster for a week and then donated.

The design behind where William and Kate were seated really shows the intrinsic beauty of greens and their textures! With just a smattering of natural white amid all those greens, gray greens and chartreuse greens. Love the random form of the design – overall fan shaped – but a natural form not restricted by rules.

So true to the eco-conscious nature of William and Kate — all the plants used will be planted in the royals gardens and those left will be donated to charities to be planted — one of the deciding factors in their choice to have so many plants used.

Brides sometimes ask how to make the wedding service last longer, and all this lovely music is a good way. Love also the congregational hymns, brings the congregation into being a part of the wedding.

So thrilling to see the importance of flowers. Respect for local materials. Desire for elegance and sophistication. And, the beauty of white.

While Princess Di’s wedding was filled with fairytale details, Princess Kate’s ceremony reflected her self-confident sophistication and grace.

The Royal Wedding flowers set the mood and tone for the historic event and will be remembered and cherished for years to come. When planning your special day, your florist will work to give you the royal treatment to make sure you have a picture-perfect wedding. After all, as was said in the royal ceremony: “In a sense, every wedding is a royal wedding.”

What did you think of the Royal Wedding decorations?

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