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Photo Courtesy Blumz by…JRDesigns in metro Detroit

Rose. Just the mention of the word “rose” brings thoughts of romance, passion, love and yes, even pain. A flower long revered for its fragrance and celebrated in art for its classic beauty, the rose has also been used in food, medicine and even politics and communication. During the Victorian Period, rose colors took on specific meanings, hence the use of red roses to symbolize love and passion and white roses to signify humility, purity and innocence. As early as the Middle Ages, when something is spoken in private and off the record, it is said to be spoken “sub rosa” or under the rose.

Originally, the vast majority of varieties of roses were native to Asia, with smaller amounts from Europe, North America and northwest Africa. They generally had five petals and thorns were actually prickles because they were only attached to the surface of the stem or cane. A true thorn is more like a modified branch and is connected to the inside of the stem.

Photo Courtesy Blumz by...JRDesigns in metro Detroit

Photo Courtesy Blumz by…JRDesigns in metro Detroit

On Nov. 20, 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed a resolution making the rose the national floral emblem at a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden. June is proclaimed also National Rose Month. June is the month when roses are headed into their peak blooming period. Commercially, June is also the beginning of the highest production time for roses. As such, rose availability is high and prices tend to drop — so enjoy those summer blooms at their most affordable price.

To maximize the enjoyment of your roses, as with all floral arrangements, always place them in clean containers. Recut the stems with sharp clippers or a knife when arranging them. Make sure the flowers are properly hydrated and use accurately mixed water and floral food solution to fill the vase. Keep the flowers as cool as possible and out of drafts to reduce water loss.

While life never promises us a rose garden, these summer roses are the next best thing. Enjoy your summer roses now until September.

What’s your favorite rose?