This past summer was wonderful for my family, full of new experiences and travel. And as we reluctantly returned to our everyday routines, ramped up our school and work lives, I was clinging to that “vacation feeling.” You know the one I am talking about … beautiful new environments, room service, unfamiliar yet gorgeous décor, room service, indigenous flora and fauna, room service! (Sigh) While being served a beautiful breakfast on my cruise ship balcony and gripping a Costa Rican Cosmo watching the tree monkeys, I realized that “vacation feeling” is when we love to travel. That wonderful “escape feeling” comes from experiencing new environments. Looking trough our photos and reliving our vacation memories, I realized those gorgeous vacations were in the flowers!

So simple yet saying so much, the flower arrangements brought to my tables and left on the nightstands said “vacation” and “luxury” to me. In Tropical Floral Arrangementevery hotel, restaurant, or cruise ship you will see flowers — fresh, beautiful flora and fauna.

Why not bring that luxurious feeling home?

So in one busy back-to-the-grind day, I shared my vacation pictures with my florist. With her artistry, she instantly transported me. I hugged her so tightly she looked shocked. I placed my tropical (and not a usual choice for me) floral arrangement on my kitchen island. The next morning while trying to wake up with my coffee, I swear I could hear the ocean and smell the tropics in my kitchen. And while I styled my hair, the bathroom vanity blooms instantly took me back to stunning Alaskan glacial views. My home smelled and felt different … just like a vacation.

I learned the best souvenirs are not bought in the tourist shops but around the corner from my home, in the flower shop.

What are some ways flowers can be arranged to conjure memories of favorite travel destinations?