Spring offers endless opportunities to update and refresh interior spaces with touches of color. In a room, I always start with a neutral foundation that includes walls and major pieces of furniture in shades of white, beige or brown. I love to add seasonal flourishes by changing accents and accessories. With a neutral foundation, you don’t have to invest a lot of time or money to refresh. Once you have the basics — those pieces of furniture that you absolutely love and will stand the test of time — the sky’s the limit in terms of changing accents such as valances, pillows, rugs, candle holder, even the matting on a picture. A neutral foundation opens the door to a new look with minimal changes.

With Spring upon us, it’s the perfect time to make those changes and add your favorite new colors to your neutral palette. This season will see plenty of oranges and lavenders. Adding these trendy colors in a big way with a colored side chair, chaise or bench is a commitment.

A lot of people are afraid of color in their decor, so a less scary way of introducing color is with flowers and vases. Flowers can go with any type of decor and generally last as long as your mood, so there are endless opportunities to experiment without making a long-term commitment. They not only enliven a room and bring in the sights and scents of the outdoors, they are perfect for playing up color and color combinations.

Decorating with flowers begins with choosing a container that is in sync with the season and the style of your home. There are so many container options for every type of decor. If your home leans toward country, think about using old decanters, tins or even wooden boxes. For contemporary homes, glass vases with clean lines work best. And for traditional homes, go with urns or ornate vases.

The same principal applies to the flowers themselves. Mixed flowers tend to be more traditional; bunches of flowers lend a homey, just-picked quality to a casual or country home; and monochromatic arrangements ooze modern. The key is to pair flowers with both their containers and the indoor environment in which they will be seen.

Next comes color. While I lean toward monochromatic arrangements of white flowers — lilies, rose and orchids are among my favorites — I also appreciate the “pop” of color that can be achieved with bolder blossoms.

When choosing flowers for a particular spot or room, look at complementary colors — those that are on the opposite side of the color wheel. For example, if the walls are a warm shade of yellow or gold, a container filled with blue flowers, such as hydrangeas, delphiniums or sapphire orchids,  makes a bold statement. And in the green room? Try flowers in shades of purple and violet.

Go ahead and bring your own vase or container to your florist and ask for something special that works with it.

How are you refreshing your home this Spring?