Your 17-year-old daughter has just informed you that she has burned up her iPhone surfing the webProm Flower Ring but good news, she finally found the “hottest” prom dress!  Her fave hair stylist is on speed dial and she is texting him pics for inspiration!  The manicurist has submitted drawings of the nails for approval, and the funkiest pair of pumps “EVER” is waiting in the closet! Back to the dress — did she pick the “OMG it’s so short” baby doll or the fairytale princess gown with the daring neckline that would make Walt Disney break out in hives?  Clearly, this is NOT the same prom as you remember. Parenting and prom — not for the faint of heart.

But wait, she has now come to YOU for guidance in the one thing she knows nothing about… flowers to wear.  Remain calm, do not blink or flinch or she will sense your hesitation!  But don’t worry; florists are your guardian flower angels. In our minds, flowers to wear and carry are the ULTIMATE fashion accessories.  Here are seven of the top red-carpet fashion trends for Prom 2011 paired with fresh, fine and fiercely fabulous floral suggestions.  That’s just the way florists are… you’re welcome!

Floral Bracelet and Ring1. BLING QUEEN. Is your daughter one who has had a fascination with jewelry since she was 1-year-old?  Sequined accents sparkle from all angles, from glittery waistbands and necklines to bejeweled skirts and bodices.  Select a “blingalicious” rhinestone-studded choker with spray roses or a sparkly tiara hair comb with elegant orchids.  Pair these with dazzling chandelier earrings with tiny fragrant hyacinth blooms.  Think Flowers meet Jewelry Box!

2.  SHORT SKIRT. For the Daring-to-be-Different Daughter!  Short IS the new long for 2011, from fitted short evening dresses to full-skirted baby dolls.  Embellished with rushing, bold prints, and awesome bead work, the cocktail length is taunting everyone.  On the up side, short styles mean cheaper alterations, more encore opportunities, and better re-sell-ability.  A sassy pair of killer pumps accented with clip-on floral highlights and a viciously coordinated floral necklace and bracelet is accessorizing to die for.

3.  PRINT PRINCESS. Retro tie-dye, futuristic digitals, and faux animal skins provide inspiration.  Perfect for the less than perfect figure, prints also reduce the “Duplicate Dress Dilemma,” as no two are identical.  With so many colors to choose from, makeup, jewelry and flower options are endless.  She can take makeup clues from her favorite dress color then pair it with flowers of the same shade.  With busier prints, select simple, BOLD flowers.  For example, a vivid green “composite” rose accented with peacock feathers on a sapphire wristband.  POW!

4. MOTHER’S NECKLINE, NOT. Your prom dress neckline seems like an historic museum piece by comparison.  Gown designers are drawing futuristic inspiration from fashion runways in Milan and Paris.  Certain necklines are especially ideal for girls with smaller busts for added confidence.   Artistic necklines can frame the shoulders, neck and face.  I suggest a tricked out bouquet of lilies, lustrous pearl sprays and hidden fiber optic lights so as not to compete with the neckline.

5.  GREEN GODDESS. Take notes from botany class and ecology.  Rich, earth tones are totally “in” so think browns, golds, champagnes, and green. They work amazingly on red heads or girls with fair complexions.  Keep makeup subtle and neat. Nude or peachy lipsticks and shimmering champagne eye shadow look very evening.  An up-swept hairstyle with a hairpiece of natural materials like funky feather, wool fiber, and faux butterfly wings complete the ensemble.  Let her channel her inner “forest nymph.”

6.  COUTURE le COLOUR. Was she a Crayola Diva?  Fabulous fuchsia, screaming yellows, Flower Wristlethigh-voltage blues, phenomenal purples, radiant reds, and other intense hues are tops for the dance floor fashion extravaganza!  These colors really pop on darker or tanned skin tones.   Up the “color quotient” with bold colored flowers that have been further enhanced with dyes and tints.  Vividly dyed dendrobium orchids, “rainbow” roses and lusciously loud miniature callas are perfect paired with colorful decorative wire and bead accents.   Coloring out of the lines has a new meaning!!

7.  HIGH/LOW.  Got a Basketball Babe looking to go Ballroom Bombshell?  The High/Low hemline, high in the front exposing long legs and low in the back to keep people staring is the perfect makeover!  Taking clues from Latin ballroom and French can-can dance costumes, the high/low packs a powerfully exotic punch.  A funky fabulous garter of pink mink protea petals placed just above the left knee would add the perfect ooh la la to this tantalizing frock.

With these seven dynamic duos, you should be ready to face any fashion situation.  Find a florist that enjoys the fun, playful and creative nature of prom designs.  Listen to their suggestions, then step back and take all the credit for being the fashion forward Mom we know you are!

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