PinkBrideLittle girls who love pink often grow up to be brides who love pink. Barbie dolls, princess parties and fuzzy-footed pajamas. All these things make us feel warm and comfortable, loved and protected.

And there are so many wonderful things in life that make us all feel good that are pink — the color of lips that you want to kiss, the color of the palm of a newborn baby, the color of the inside of the shell that you find on a beach or the petals of a perfect pink rose. 

PinkBouquetCloseUpBridal bouquets radiating pink are absolutely stunning. Here is a bouquet featuring a variety of pink flowers in all the splendid tints, tones and shades from pale ballerina pink to hot pink. So many flowers come in shades of pink. Beautiful lilies, garden roses, ranunculus and lisianthus are but a few.

Pink-FlowerGirl-CloseUpThis little one is so happy to be carrying a basket full of pink flowers and sparkly things.

Close your eyes and think of something beautiful that’s pink. Does it stir up an emotion? Does it make you feel happy? For many people, the answer is yes. Pink is a lovely color that brings up positive emotions. As a florist designing arrangements with pink flowers, it makes me feel good that those flowers make people feel happy.

What color conjures up happy thoughts for you?