outta the box


By Bryan Swann

I have to say, this theme made me tear up a bit. A dear friend taught me one of the best life lessons, which is to live every day to the fullest. Embrace life. As floral artists, we are able to convey that lesson through the beauty of flowers. I have always loved the inherent energy that is found in the colors of hot pink, purple and coral. I started my design by creating a box with the liatris and then wove the other elements throughout this forest of liatris to bring the design Outta the Box!

outta the box two photos

Flowers and materials featured: Variegated ginger leaf, crispy wave bird’s nest fern, ‘Leonella’ gloriosa lily, prairie gay feather, lily grass, ‘Miss Piggy’ rose, Japanese fantail willow, ‘Cerise’ Parrot tulip, ‘Blue Vanda’ orchid, snowball viburnum and ‘Captain Rosette’ calla

About the Florist: Bryan Swann

Bryan Swann has been with Karin’s Florist in Vienna, Va., for more than five years and has over 16 years of industry experience. He is the shop’s director of special events, has a horticulture degree and studied floral design abroad, influencing his design with worldwide aesthetics. Bryan won the Victorian Christmas Centerpiece VaseOff! Challenge in December 2012.

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