FB-Winter-SparkleIt’s time to celebrate, and say goodbye to 2014, and hello to 2015.

For many (me included), the celebration will be cozy and intimate, an evening at home with dear friends. This can be far more fun than attending a big gala. The New Year’s Eve party scene just doesn’t appeal to everyone. A home-based celebration? Now, that sounds fabulous. First step, call and invite those most dear to you.

Next, fill the house with flowers. Once the excitement of Christmas has past and the tree is down, the house can look a little bare and drab. Thank goodness there are so many fabulous early blooming spring flowers available in the dark days of winter. A vase of flowers reminds us that spring will come soon, and they brighten even the darkest day. A house filled with flowers is good for the soul; in fact, Harvard research proves living with flowers is good for our well being.

For the minimalist, the traditionalist or the naturalist, the New Year’s Eve party is the last chance to add a bit of over the top glamour to home décor before returning to “normal” (whatever that is). Go ahead and decorate in a big way. You have a long 11 months ahead of you to be regular. Think luxurious, exotic and even a little bit eccentric as you plan your decor. Staying home for the holiday does not mean you miss out on any of the fun decor and flower beauty.

FB-Lily-VasesA sophisticated black tablecloth, luxurious white blooms and a bit of bling. (Maybe lots of bling!) Think mirrors, rhinestones, gems, glitter and glitz … lilies, roses, and orchids … all are perfect for a New Year’s Eve party, and it’s as simple as a call to your local florist.

Friends and flowers in place, everything else is easy. Often, the favorite gathering spot in the home is the kitchen.

SFB-Grand-Vasetart there, and let everyone prepare the meal together. It may be a little close and cozy. That’s just fine. No one will feel left out while working elbow to elbow. A hearty winter soup is perfect. It allows everyone to chop a little and is easy to throw together without much fuss. My favorite recipe includes lots of vegetables and a rich chicken stock base. Add a crispy baguette, red wine and a simple winter salad for a delicious (and healthy) meal.

As you gather to celebrate the ending of the year, take a moment to reflect. Congratulate yourself for surviving the busy holiday season and make your plans to not only survive, but to thrive in 2015. This is the year to spend more time with friends and less time at the office. Promise yourself you will practice self-care and learn to say “no” when appropriate. Pledge to keep flowers at your side all year long as a reminder of the important things in life. Make 2015 your “flower therapy” year and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Happy New Year!