Thanksgiving is just around the corner, andThanksgiving Centerpiece Mother Nature is once again painting the Northeast corridor with beautiful autumnal shades everywhere you look. Many “homesteads” are in the northeast, and with that comes gatherings of family and friends for Thanksgiving celebrations.

For my wife and myself, we always look forward to this special holiday, and those whom gather around our table. Over the years, the numbers at our table have grown exponentially … and so too have the flowers at the center of the table.

Creating the perfect table has become a wonderful joint effort. My better half takesThanksgiving Centerpiece Closeup on the challenge of all the food and carefully places the china and glassware on the table. I, on the other hand, am in charge of re-arranging the furniture so that by the time I am finished, there is a series of tables joined to sit from 25 to 30 people alongside a glowing fireplace.

The star of the table, of course in my mind, is the beautiful floral centerpiece.

I usually take my inspiration from nature and combine materials that are saturated in color, just like the trees surrounding my home. Maple and birch foliage begin the parade of colors on the table. Mini pumpkins and gourds, along with berried branches and rose hips add beautiful texture to the design.  A piece of old bark based into the design lends character and an aged beauty.

Loretto Lily

This year, I plan on combining ‘Milva’ roses, a gorgeous orange rose with understated red highlights, and ‘Loretto’ lilies in vivid orange with burgundy triangular markings on the petals. Orange and golden yellow Mokara orchids will radiate from the design and montbretia will hover above and gracefully give height to the design.

Milva Rose

This centerpiece, for me, will be a tribute. It will be an outward sign of the gratefulness I have for all of the members gathered at the table, and for how thankful I am to have all of those wonderful people in my life. And as we gather around those beautiful flowers, I can only hope that each person there is reminded of the beauty of those gathered at the table.

Tell me about your favorite Thanksgiving centerpieces.