Valentine's Day

I’ve got it pretty good; my husband surprises me with flowers. He sends them to me at work for Valentine’s Day, my birthday, and most recently for our anniversary. He’s been sending me flowers for years. Even though I usually suspect he’s sending flowers, it’s always a wonderful surprise to see a gorgeous floral arrangement at the front desk of the office building with my name on it — and to read its enclosure card with a love note from him.

He’s knows I love flowers and enjoy being surprised by them. He listened to me talk about the research results from universities proving flowers make you happy, and he paid attention when I told him about the importance of talking to a local florist when ordering flowers.

He enjoys talking to people. Quick tangent. We have an E-ZPass for the car to speed our drive up 95 to visit family in New York and Philadelphia, and my husband comments on how he misses chatting with tollbooth collectors.


Anyway, he naturally relishes the opportunity to converse with the florist. He’s called the same local florist now for years — their floral artwork is stunning and characterized by lush florals, creative accents and unique containers. In the past, he’s told the florist to send something purple, creative and contemporary, and he’s always eager to see what the florist comes up with.

Well, just recently for the anniversary flowers, he changed things up. The florist had a note in their files that I like purple, so they asked him if he wanted to send purple flowers. Not this time, he told the florist. He asked them to create something different, something fall-like for the season.

Once again, the florist delivered: A beautiful lush fall floral arrangement featuring clusters of orange roses, orange miniature roses, green viburnum, white hydrangea, Charlie Brown orchids, Japanese maple leaves, curly branches, red chili peppers, and foliages in a container that looks like a tree branch. They are gorgeous.


So ladies, the point of this blog isn’t just to brag about what a lucky girl I am to have married a wonderful guy who sends me flowers. The point is if you want your man to send you flowers, tell him. Men aren’t mind readers. Tell your guy what you like — your favorite flower or favorite colors. Give him a couple of hints. Tell him about a florist you like. You’ll be glad you did.

How have you been surprised by flowers? Please share your favorite flower memories by submitting a comment.