Do you remember when the only option for mothers of the bride flowers was a rose with babies breath pinned to her lapel?  Well, times are changing. Here are my top 5 “Not Your Momma’s Everyday Corsage!”

Nosegay: Modern mothers of the bride are now wanting similar bouquets as the bride.  Just make the bouquet slightly smaller than the brides (it is her day, after all) and she can walk down with a glow comparable to her daughters!

Keepsake bracelet: I love doing bracelets with flowers attached for mothers.  It’s a nice memory to look back on plus it gives you another piece of jewelry to wear on another special occasion.

Hair piece: Maybe your mother is a flower child and wants florals for her hair.  Who better than Pippa Middleton to bring it back at her sister’s wedding to Prince William?!

Clutch flowers



Clutch flowers: Flowers are the perfect accent for that clutch that needs a little “oomph” or flair.  Here they added a simple gardenia or if you’re on a budget add a few miniature carnation blooms.

Pin on: Pinning on flowers to your dress is an oldie, but can still be considered a goodie.  We update ours by just adding a few blooms with simple ribbon.

Now it’s your turn…what are your favorite ways to adorn your mother with flowers?