Holiday Flowers and Plants - Lafayette Florist & Greenhouses in Lafayette, Colo.Whenever I think about decking the halls, my mind congers up images of Christmas past. A young Midwestern boy growing up on a farm, raising animals, doing chores and thinking about the yuletide treasures that await. Tucked under a tinseled-up, ornament-laden, multi-colored lighted fresh cut pine in the living room. The snow piled on top of a fir and juniper wreath, adorned with a red velvet bow, jingle bells and pine cones, hung with care on our front door. Fresh boughs and garland attached to the spindles on the staircase, with sprigs of holly abound. Amaryllis and paperwhites emerging from dormancy to greet the season on the kitchen windowsill. The radio tuned to Christmas carols, something about a partridge in a pear tree, over the river and through the woods, or about Three Kings with frankincense and myrrh. The evergreen scent and peppermint fragrance wafting through the house, while the family dinner table showcases a fresh flower centerpiece. Holiday red poinsettias neatly positioned throughout. By now you should start seeing a Norman Rockwell image in your mind of a family enjoying the holidays.

Holiday Plants - Lafayette Florist & Greenhouses in Lafayette, Colo.All these holiday memories have one thing in common — flowers and plants. Our seasons, as well as our celebrations and holidays, wouldn’t be the same without Mother Nature’s unique gift. Even the much joked about fruitcake is a bountiful mix of natural ingredients, cherries, cranberries, nuts, fruits and spices. From the straw in the manger to the mistletoe hanging at the door, plants and flowers are an important part of the season.

Giving plants as a gift is a thoughtful present; they will last long, continue to bring us happiness, and are environmentally friendly, plus clean the air. It is a scientific fact; flowers have a positive emotional impact on our lives!

Poinsettia Collection - Lafayette Florist & Greenhouses in Lafayette, Colo.

So, this holiday make some memories of your own. Consider giving a Norfolk Island pine, ivy, or Peace Lily as a treasured token of the season. Blooming plants like azaleas, Christmas cactus and orchids are a beautiful living tribute.

Poinsettias will always be my favorite. Nothing symbolizes the holidays like a beautiful euphorbia! Its lobed leaves and brilliant colored bracts with yellow flower centers make it the perfect holiday plant. It is non-poisonous, and always brightens up the gathering!

What’s your favorite holiday season flower or plant?