MoodChangerSome days just start off bad. You might have overslept, or maybe what is on your schedule for the day is worrisome or just plain uninteresting. The phone rings three times, and each time it is a solicitation call or a survey. Doesn’t anyone call any more that might really want to talk to you? You are out of coffee and when you looked out the window you discovered that the deer used your lovely garden, in which you spent most of your weekend, for a midnight buffet. Maybe it’s best to just go back to bed and start over?

Many things can affect our mood, some of which we can control and some not.  We might set an additional alarm to make sure we get up on time and maybe a fence around the garden would protect our hard work. Yet when things at work don’t go right, someone close to us is ill or we just feel left out or lonely, it’s difficult to be in a good mood. When I see someone who is sad or cranky, my first inclination is to try and turn that around. Many times a kind word, an offer of help or even simply a smile can make a difference. We don’t like to see the people we care about unhappy. Research has proved that there is something to help and that is flowers.

Rutgers University did a study that proved flowers as gifts make people “truly” happy, and increase life satisfaction and enjoyment. In an additional study that involved senior citizens, it was discovered that seniors that had flowers in their living spaces were happier and more social than those that did not. The bonus was that, not only did flowers make them happier and more social, their recent memory was also improved. Wow, that is a pretty significant result from something as simple as having flowers around.

Can flowers really be a “mood changer?” If you have ever seen someone receive flowers the answer is in their smile. For me, the initial surprise is certainly a happy one but I find that every time you look at the flowers that feeling returns. To know someone cared and thought of you is probably one of the best feelings on earth and to have that feeling stay with you along with the flowers is magic.

This “mood changer” bouquet is the perfect choice to make someone’s day. Green Cymbidium orchids, hot pink roses, orange ranuculus and some trendy succulents are the perfect combination of today’s most popular flowers. Color has a great effect on mood. These bright and cheery hues can’t help but make you smile and when combined together you know you have a “hit.” This bouquet is special also because of the combination of textures. The “mossy” feel of the ‘green trick’ dianthus contrasts perfectly with the smooth rose petals, creating the perfect background for them and the other flowers in the bouquet. The succulents lend an interest of their own with their bulbous small petals and the orchids catch our attention with their graphic shape and form.

Receiving flowers can certainly warm your heart even on the worst days. Be a “mood changer” yourself and send a bouquet to that someone who needs a lift. You will create that magic and change their mood. You will not only make their day, but they will remember your kindness long after the flowers have faded.