by Tom Kenison

Today’s super mom does what she does, not for want of fame, money or power, but for unconditional love. Mom surrounds her children with love, and in appreciation, the children radiate love back to their mom. A true miraculous wonder of life. Calla lilies encircle the grapevine wreath, deep blue Vanda orchids draw your eyes to the center of the arrangement, and flax leaves radiate from the center to balance the composition.

mom's miracle

Flowers and materials featured: Calla lilies, Vanda orchids, flax leaves, grapevine and ceramic bowl

About the Florist: Tom Kenison

For 25 years Tom has owned and operated Crossroads Florist in Mahwah N.J., and has been in the flower business for nearly 40 years. Since his first job in a flower shop at the age of 15, Tom knew he had a passion for flowers and design. His specialties are weddings and events, visual display and product promotion. Tom is a member of the American Institute of Floral Designers.