As a child, many of us picked flowers for our mothers. We would present them to her, and our reward was a beautiful smile and a big hug. No matter our age, that feeling of mom’s hug is always welcome. You have grown up, and so have your choices of where to “pick” flowers. The local florist is a great place to start. Many shops are run by established entrepreneurs or “makers” passionate about the craft. Buy flowers from a purveyor who loves flowers and you will be supporting people who give back to their community that supports them.

What to look for? Every mom is blessed with a unique personality. Choose flowers that reflect her taste and style. This casual design features an upscale selection of flowers, vines and greens. Green hydrangea, lisianthus, clematis, cymbidium orchids, alliums, jasmine and olive greenery are nestled in a bamboo bowl.Mother's Day Flowers by Lisa Greene AAF, AIFD, PFCI

This centerpiece would be perfect for a formal Mother’s Day brunch. The table set would be set with heritage china, vintage silver and linen featuring hues of blue and lavender. The flowers include: Queen Anne’s Lace, iris, geranium foliage, silver dollar eucalyptus, kale, stock, drumstick allium, sunflower, dianthus, and tansy set in a heavy glass footed bowl.

Mother's Day Flowers by Lisa Greene AAF, AIFD, PFCI

This design is for the stylish mom with a modern side. Bright green hydrangea, pink “Naked Lady” amaryllis and white roses in a leaf wrapped bubble bowl.

Mother's Day Flowers by by Lisa Greene AAF, AIFD, PFCI

Here are some guidelines for keeping flowers fresher, longer:

Place arrangements in a cool place, away from heating ducts and air conditioning vents. You can also keep flowers longer by avoiding exposure to direct sunlight. Bacteria are the enemy of fresh flowers so wash the vase and refill it every three days. Trim the stems with a sharp knife or shears before returning them to the clean vase.

No matter the Mom or her style, flowers from her child will always be welcome and create beautiful memories. This Mothers Day, consider sending flowers as a gift for your Mom or the other women who are mothers in your life.