8251831669_3f34d2b83eIt is entertaining to watch people with their pets and see how much they look alike. This phenomenon has been humorously depicted on television, comics and cartoons, and it is quite amazing how true it is. This got me thinking about people and floral designs. For example, do short people create small floral designs, and tall people create big floral arrangements?

I set out to test the hypothesis. During a floral design class, I gave the same flowers and instructions to my students. Well, my hypothesis did not hold water. The shortest student made huge and wild floral designs, while the tallest student created small arrangements with intricate detail. 

Next I turned to age and color preference. When my grandma from South Dakota turned 93, I was surprised by how much she enjoyed the flowers I sent. They weren’t what most people would think of as typical grandma flowers. I sent a colorful tropical floral design of bright yellows, pinks, reds and oranges. She loved it. She asked why I had not sent such fun colors and flowers before.

These events made me realize that with flowers, there is no norm and sometimes the opposite of what you expect is the right choice. And, if you’re unsure, ask your local professional florist for recommendations.