Homecoming Couple - — Floral design by Joyce Mason-Monheim, AAF, AIFD, PFCI, AzMFWith autumn comes football, bonfires and homecoming. These traditions have been passed down for years. The presentation of the Homecoming royalty with a king and queen, the hometown parades and of course the dances have all withstood the test of time. So with all of this tradition, how do you choose flowers that make your total look epic?

It’s all about fashion and applying the newest trends to those traditions. Fashion drives the colors, the themes and the accessories of homecoming and prom. The fall chill may be in the air, but no keeping warm with the trendy style of shorter cocktail dresses. These dresses have unique shoulders with cutouts, asymmetrical lines and the retro halter style necklines. Now apply sequins, layers of lace or tulle, and you can add fun and creativity with floral adornments.

These homecoming party dresses might be a two-piece midriff style, show textural embellishments or be the traditional long formal gown. They are available in wide varieties of floral prints, sheer fabrics, lace and illusion in just about any color palette that complements your taste. Created especially for you in colors that complement you best, from reds and blues to pastel shades of pink and lavender, and of course the traditional black.

We still see the traditional football mums and their outrageous adornments in certain parts of the country. This homecoming tradition with blossoms, bells, trinkets, and ribbons galore are personalized for the bearer, maintaining the tradition of the football mum.

Texas Homecoming Mum by John Henry Homecoming and Prom book

Some of the popular flowers seen today are exotic orchids, sweet spray roses, succulents and choices of many flowers from all over the world.


The feel of “mainland exotic” allows for the combination of tropical and garden flowers blending their environments as one.


More common flowers accessorize the gowns and tuxedos, and the current styles allow for many styles of floral accessories. Think about adorning yourself with floral necklaces, rings, hair accents, shoe adornments or ankle decor.



Traditionally, a wrist corsage is still very appropriate. In addition, we are now seeing more personalized accents with all types of brooches, jeweled pins, butterflies, glitz and bling and don’t forget the feathers.


Complement the “couple look” with a coordinating boutonnière — and you’ve got the complete total look.

Homecoming Couple — Floral design by Joyce Mason-Monheim, AAF, AIFD, PFCI, AzMF

Be unique, be yourself and consult with a professional florist to complement your own personality into your floral accessories for homecoming. It’s all about tradition with your own “trendy” style.