My kids aren’t quite at the prom age yet but I know plenty who are and have noticed the pomp and circumstance around prom is getting more elaborate with each year. I have even heard some astonishing stories of the way girls are being asked to prom.  So it was so refreshing the other day as I walked outside to let my dog out and witnessed the aftermath of my 17-year-old neighbor having just been asked to prom in a very sweet and simple, yet special, way. The boy had written in large can’t-miss letters on her driveway: “Jessie, PROM?” And the best part? He had presented her with flowers as he made “the ask.”

Two of her friends had also gathered there and they were taking pictures on the driveway with her flowers. I could see her smile and excitement even from across the street. She felt special. I wanted to run over and join in on the fun, but I could hear the voice of my 14-year-old daughter (not home at the time) inside my head saying “Mom, don’t you dare – you  will embarrass her (and me),” so I just smiled and waved.

That incident restored my faith that in this sometimes over-the-top world we live in, there are still youth who recognize that simple gestures can be just as, or more effective, than the elaborate ones. And that saying it with flowers usually elicits the response intended – all smiles and happiness. After all, research proves it.

I can only hope that if my daughter gets asked to prom in a few years, it is by someone just as sweet and sentimental bearing flowers. And my son, yes, he will be the bearer of flowers when he makes “the ask. “

By the way, in case you are wondering, Jessie said YES! The rain has since washed away the message on the driveway but I know those flowers have made a memory she will always remember.

Most people can remember the last time they got flowers. Can you? Tell us about it!