Live ColorfullyA gentleman recently told me he sends his wife roses all the time. I asked why roses. She likes them, he said. I asked if he had ever mixed it up, ordered a variety of flowers.

“I don’t know any other flower names,” he admitted. “And I never go into the flower shop, I always call.”

I suggested next time he should ask his florist for a beautiful bouquet of seasonal flowers that his wife can display in one of her cherished vases at home.

A couple days later, he told me what a great idea it was to surprise his wife with a seasonal bouquet. She loved all the different types of flowers, and she told him she also loves the other gifts of roses.

When choosing flowers, there is no lack of choices. Flowers come in all colors, textures, sizes and shapes. Knowing the names of flowers is easier than most people think and is a lot like learning about fine wines or gemstones. Find out for yourself in this floral library.

It’s fun to explore choosing flowers in a florist shop, but if you can’t make it to the shop, call the florist  and ask for suggestions.

Tell the florist about the occasion and recipient. Your florist can give you unique ideas on how to best celebrate and can design the flowers into an arrangement matching the recipient’s personality.

Let your florist be your gift consultant. Tap into their knowledge to learn more about flowers, or let them simply make you look good.

What’s the best advice you got from a florist?