Cocktail TableThe personality of a party is in the details from food to flowers. Just as an artistic garnish finishes off an appetizer, mini floral arrangements that echo larger flower displays can finish off the overall design and feel of a fete and come together to compose a gorgeous grouping as the centerpiece itself on a tabletop.

Grand Florals with Multiple Minis

Go mad with mini flower arrangements to maximize the visual impact of an event. Think “big splash” with lots of “ripples” throughout the room. The “splash” can be a centerpiece on a table or a welcoming flower display in the foyer, and the “ripples” are the complementary mini florals imaginatively placed around the space.


Ornamental flowers, such as bird of paradise or calla lilies, are among my favorites for this type of floral design scheme. These flowers are stunning when professionally arranged in a centerpiece yet can stand alone in its own vessel and make a lovely statement.

The way in which the ornamental mini floral arrangements may be displayed depends on the style of the event, and your florist will have fabulous ideas. For a wedding where calla lilies are prominently featured in the larger arrangements, continue the floral theme by placing smaller calla lily arrangements on the reception place card table, at the bar, even in the powder rooms. Dangling calla lilies from a doorway or arch creates a magical atmosphere as if the flowers along with love are literally in the air at the wedding.

Multiple Minis as a Centerpiece

Grouping multiple mini floral arrangements to create a complete display has a dynamic effect and is a trendy way to go for an event. Best of all, you can evoke a number of different moods depending on what types of flowers and vases you and your florist choose.

For vintage elegance, you may decide upon a collection of quaint silver vases and containers with an array of miniature roses that are shades of the same color. The similar flower shades and vintage style will tie together and create a romantic whimsical feel.

For a modern look, consider the same contemporary vase, perhaps in a variety of sizes, with a bunch of the same flower in each. For example, one vase may have green button mums, another may have magenta dahlias, and a third would hold bright yellow gerbera daisies. Group this trio of mini floral arrangements together on a coffee table at a cocktail party with another trio on the food table, and you’ll have a vibrant display that’s sure to spark conversation and create a fun atmosphere.

There is no “centerpiece rule” that says everything has to be the same. In fact, different displays on tables, surfaces, hanging from the ceiling or adorning a walkway that all follow a similar theme encourage mixing and mingling from guests who will want to admire your florist’s various works of art.

Tell me, what are some interesting mini floral arrangements you’ve seen at events?