Valentine's Day Flowers - Photo Courtesy Carolyn Minutillo AIFD, EMC, PFCI, of Lavender Hill LLC in Jeffersonville, IndianaAh, Valentine’s Day. The holiday always falls on the 14th of February, but still — somehow — seems to come out of nowhere. Don’t get caught off guard and end up scrambling to find a token of your affection. Flowers are the perfect gift.

Your sweetheart will appreciate and remember having received your Valentine’s Day flowers — especially if they’ve never received a floral delivery before. You will receive extra bonus points if your beautiful floral gift arrives in front of your sweetheart’s coworkers. Your love will be the topic of conversation for all of the right reasons, and you will be so happy you sent those flowers.

With so many sources available for purchasing flowers, it can be overwhelming to make the right decision. My favorite place to buy flowers is from a local professional florist.

What’s the benefit? First, by going in person, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with a sales person, designer or possibly the shop owner — any of whom can offer advice on the latest trends, the different meanings of flowers, etc.  You’ll have the chance to see the types of flowers they carry, the design styles they create, the green and blooming plants offered, and perhaps some extra little gifts that can enhance your order. 

Valentine's Day Flowers - Photo Courtesy Carolyn Minutillo AIFD, EMC, PFCI, of Lavender Hill LLC in Jeffersonville, IndianaAsk what they’ll have specially designed for Valentine’s Day, perhaps in a keepsake or themed vase or container. If your sweetheart has a favorite flower, ask about its seasonality and if it can be included. Don’t forget: plants also make great gifts. Ask about what’s trending (hint: Ficus Lyrata aka “Fiddle Head Fig” and, of course, succulents and air plants). See, you do have lots of choices.

Be sure you leave yourself plenty of time to order and be prepared with the recipient’s information for delivery. If your flowers (or plant) are headed to the office, include the business name, any department or floor information, phone contact, and if they only work until a specific time. Every florist wants you to have a fabulous floral experience; providing the correct contact information makes it a snap.

While most flower shops have a website to check out as well, you just might enjoy a few minutes of calm perusing the flower shop. Enjoy the opportunity to surround yourself with beautiful flowers and plants.

When you’re ready, place your flower order in person, on the phone or their website with complete confidence. February 14th is coming. Be fearless and make it fabulous.