Flower ShopYou have a dentist, hair stylist, tailor and auto mechanic. You trust them. Chances are, you discovered them by word of mouth, tried their services and found them to be knowledgeable, reliable, supportive and there when you need them. When you ask questions, you feel comfortable and confident they have your best interest in mind.

Having a trusted florist is no different and is particularly important during those special times in life. From births to birthdays, weddings to anniversaries, and times of sickness and grief, a reliable florist helps you express emotions. There is no other business where you can place an order and have your gift delivered same day almost anywhere in the world.

See what relationship expert Christine Arylo has to say about her florist:

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Not sure how to find a reliable florist? Word of mouth is often the best resource. An outstanding florist will have a good reputation. Ask people to recommend their florist. When you see an amazing floral design at work, church, wedding or funeral, look at the card or ask which shop provided such an exquisite design.

Establishing a relationship with a florist happens a million ways every day. My friend Cathy told me how she found her florist. While recovering at the hospital and coming out of anesthesia, Cathy was greeted by a beautiful, bright floral design. It made her so happy, she had to know right away who the florist is who made it. That florist is now her florist.

The Society of American Florists offers tips on Selecting a Local Florist and a Florist Directory searchable by name, city and state and ZIP code.
Flower ShopWhen you choose a floral shop, don’t be shy. Become acquainted with them and what they do. Walk by the window a few times. The window display will give you a glimpse into the shop’s creativity. Once inside the shop, talk to its staff and ask questions. Check out the cooler, and see, smell and touch the flowers and foliage.

When ordering, tell the florist your floral and color preferences. Print pictures of floral designs you love or the flowers you want and bring them to the shop. When ordering gifts, describe the recipient’s personality, as well as his/her favorite hobbies or colors. Your florist can match the floral arrangement with the recipient’s personality.

You should be confident that your florist knows you and your floral preferences. Once you found your trusted local florist, plug their number and address in your cell phone or carry their card so you’re ready in case an unexpected moment arises when a floral delivery is needed most.

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