Nosegays for Homecoming

There is nothing like the sound of school bands, cheering crowds and the smell of popcorn in the fall air.  Yes, that is right…it’s football season and that means time to start thinking of Homecoming and the big dance of the season!  You may be asking yourself what is the best way to show off my school spirit?  Well I have the answer…FLOWERS!  Here are the Top 5 Homecoming Flower Trends to beautifully accessorize the perfect dress.

Wristlets are the new traditional way to wear your homecoming flower.  They are effortless to wear and easy to mix in your favorite flower.  By adding multiple ribbons you can showcase your personality!

Ribbons add personality

Bracelets are the “hottest” thing since wristlets!  You can use any bracelet you like and incorporate your favorite flower.  The best thing is you have a keepsake after your flower is gone.

Nosegays aren’t just for brides any longer!  We have been making bouquets for our prom goers and the demand for them is getting higher.  It’s a great way to get attention and will make you shine in your Homecoming pictures.

Composite Bracelet

Composite bracelets have been a great updated way to wear flowers and create your own masterpiece.  With this particular one we took rose petals and designed our own signature bloom.  We then finished it off with a bejeweled accent.

Floral rings

Floral rings have been a great updated way to wear flowers.  We particularly like using these bright colored floral rings and placing small flower buds in the middle.  Simply different from everyone!

Your local florist has lots of ideas to make you stand out on your big night.

Now it’s your turn…what’s your favorite way to wear your Homecoming flowers?