Do you like to have friends over to your home? Isn’t it nice to make special spaces for them to relax and enjoy? Our lives are so hectic and busy that spending time with friends should be more than grabbing a bite on the go.

Ceramic saucer with daisies

If you are lucky enough to have a house by the water, in the serenity of the woods or even a rooftop garden in the city, add some fresh flowers and house guests will enjoy time with you and the special treat provided for them.

No vacation home? Don’t worry, check out this guide to keeping flowers in your home every day. In addition, here are some easy tips for arranging flowers for your home:

Fill a ceramic saucer with about an inch of water; add a Mexican craft frog or gardening icon and a few daisies. For an evening effect add some floating candles. Place it on a low table and enjoy.

Start with a geometric vase (like this rectangle) and fill it with short stems of roses or other lush, full flowers. Place it on the night stand to ensure sweet dreams.

Roses in geometric vase

When you are on the porch or patio a simple vase of sunflowers completes the setting.


Feeling creative? Lay a few stems of mini callas in a low vase, add some sea glass and fill with water. A perfect pairing with a glass of wine while you are enjoying conversation in the rooftop garden.

Mini callas

Flowers in pots and planters make both you and your guests happy. Garden centers carry container gardens to enjoy outside throughout the spring, summer and fall.

Garden container

Summer is a time to slow down, enjoy your home, family and friends. If you add in some flowers the memories of visits by the pool, on the deck or around the table will be even sweeter. Slow down, take a few minutes and enjoy every minute of summer whether you have company or not.

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