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Sleigh riding, tree decorating, sipping hot cider, and caroling by candlelight in the snow…many of our favorite Christmas traditions date back to the Victorian times, when flowers at the center of the table provided delightful decor. To capture the old-fashioned spirit of the season, we challenged our florist contestants to create a Christmas centerpiece inspired by the elegance of the Victorian era.

“Like” your favorite Christmas centerpiece.

The language of flowers plays a large role in this traditional Victorian topiary centerpiece. Along with the meanings, inspiration was found by the soft hues of the time period. LEARN MORE

Queen Victoria and her husband German Prince Albert helped to popularize the tradition of the Christmas tree and this luxurious centerpiece pays tribute to their legacy. LEARN MORE

Designs of the Victorian era were all about texture and elaborate ornamentation. I wanted to bring back memories of days when kids would play outside in the snow for hours. LEARN MORE

Every year, I spent Christmas with my family at my grandmotherโ€™s Victorian home. After a day of sleigh riding through the woods, looking for the perfect Christmas tree, we gathered around the fireplace and sipped hot cocoa. LEARN MORE

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