Blumz-Mantle2-fbWhat would the holiday season be without decorations? Well, it would probably look like just another day — and how festive is that?

This winter holiday season, relax and keep your decor simple. Whether it’s a table or a mantle, remember these points:

  1. Theme
  2. Focal Item(s)
  3. Line
  4. Light Source
  5. Accent


The theme gives you a look or idea to build a display around. The list is endless. Evaluate your setting, and take into consideration what will blend or work with that style. In a formal living room, a theme that picks up the formality is best. Consider a theme with no more than one or two colors that coordinate with the surroundings.

Blumz-Centerpiece-FBIn a casual setting, a more eclectic and laid back approach is best. A collection of related items or a complementary color theme can be fun. Keep your theme foremost in mind as you select the components for your display.

Focal Item

A focal item can be anything from a vase, art object, a nostalgic collectable or a beautiful flowering plant. This item is the anchor for the display. A collection of matching candlesticks, a bowl of bright green apples or a collectable Santa or angel can serve as the focus.

In a formal setting, place the focal item in the middle of the display, or use two at either end to anchor the display. For a casual setting, experiment with an asymmetrical placement of the focal item. Generally, this is one third of the way into the display area from the left.


Blumz-Mantle-fbA line directs the eye. It can help create excitement with implied movement, or it can be a static line that commands attention.

In a formal setting, a grouping of taper candles commands attention like soldiers in formation. A more active and less rigid set of lines would be a vase of berry branches or bare birch branches in a vase.

A series of identical sized and shaped ornaments lined down a mantle draws the eye in a game of connect the dots. Line can also be a trail of ribbon meandering through a garland or a table runner down the center of the dining table.

Light Source

A light source is always effective in a table or mantle display. Use of candles, pillar or votive, adds the warmth of fire and the flicker of the flame to the display.

Today with all the wonderful LED options, it is easy to achieve the look of candle flame without the hazards of actual fire. Additionally, the newer battery operated LED light strings are very effective in illuminating the display.

Blumz-Chandelier-fbDon’t forget about reflected light either. Having shiny reflective surfaces in your display amplifies the amount of light seen by the viewer.


An accent of a few well-placed decorative accessories can complete the display. On a dining table this can be coordinated napkins, chargers and flatware. On the mantle, a sprinkling of ornaments, family photos, or greeting cards can help finish off the look.

Finally, relax. Remember the reason for the decorating. These life celebrations add joy and special memories that will warm the heart through the years. So shed your Scrooge attitude, turn on the music and channel your inner elf. The extra effort is worth it.

Happy Holidays!