February: Real Romance, simply perfect.It’s time to get your “love ducks” in a row! Valentine’s Day is on Friday this year. February 14th, same as last year, remember? So to receive maximum impact with your Valentine’s offering, choose to have it delivered not on Friday the 14th, but instead on Wednesday the 12th or Thursday the 13th. It will get a ton of exposure and positive comments, and you become “THE MAN” and everyone will be so impressed that you (a) actually sent something (b) didn’t forget and (c) didn’t wait until the last minute. (But if you do wait until the last minute, your florist is ready!)

Don’t think you are going to get away with doing the same thing you always do on a Friday night, and try to call it a “Valentine’s Celebration.” Make it memorable! Here are three easy steps taken directly from the ladies in the office on how to get your lady love’s attention:

Step #1. Send a vase of beautiful mixed colored roses and flowers to her workplace on Wednesday the 12th. All surveys show that women love novelty colored roses. Enclose a card that says, “I just couldn’t wait,” signed, “Cupid.”

Step #2.  Place a box of chocolates, a bag of rose petals and a bottle of wine with two glasses at her bedside on Thursday the 13th with a note that says, “For tomorrow night, Your Cupid.” Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is a trigger that assists in releasing serotonin and endorphins, which boosts mood!

Step #3.  On Friday the 14th, the big night. Pick her up in a tuxedo, or your best hoodie, and present her with a single beautiful red rose. For you overachievers, a dozen red roses is even better. Then take her to dinner for whatever tempts her palette.

I’ll leave the rest of the evening in your hands. Your florist can only do so much.

Happy Valentine’s Day!