HyacinthSpring is my favorite time of the year as a gardener. As Mother Nature honors us with warmth and moisture, the fruits of our labor from last fall begin to emerge. The topsoil breaks away to expose the fresh green tips of tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, crocus and other fall-planted spring flowering bulbs. Their presence assures that warmer days are upon us. Though they may be blanketed with a snow, their journey to usher in the season will not be denied.

The array of colors, textures and fragrances of the flowering bulbs are to be enjoyed for a few months until it becomes time for the transition into annual flowers and vegetables. Now is an excellent time to plan and design your summer beds. Gardening and seed catalogs are sitting on your counter just waiting for you to grab a cup of joe and explore the possibilities the new season provides.

The wonderful thing about gardening is each year is a new adventure, the opportunity to add, change, experiment or remove plants. Full color schemes could change from red to yellow — whatever your heart desires. You are the Master of the Garden, your actions will dictate your success. Planning and designing, soil prep, selecting and planting the right plant for the right place, growing, fertilizing, pruning and harvesting are just some of the duties to ensure great garden success. Sure it sounds like a lot of work, but I’ve always found the rewards of nurturing a garden far outweigh the effort.

By nature, we all are farmers. Our forefathers worked the soil to survive, to feed their families. When you’re on your knees working in the dirt, it’s some of the best therapy there is.

Kids' Garden


This year, make it a family affair. Get the kids involved, teach them how to garden and nurture the Earth. I give tours at my greenhouses, and you’d be surprised how may kids think tomatoes “ONLY” come from the grocery store. They are stunned when I explain the path from seedlings to harvest. Visit your local garden center or nursery, find the “go to” guy or gal whose passion for gardening is a way of life. You’ll notice them buzzing around the greenhouse, watering, nurturing, hands and boots dirty, a smile on their face with an eager willingness to help you and share their knowledge and experiences, because they “LOVE” what they do!

So for now, enjoy the spring bulbs ushering in the season with the promise of a great gardening year, plan your journey into the garden, enjoy sharing it with the kids and know there are many resources to help you make it a success.