Flowers make people happy. This is an undisputed fact. Something about flowers brings out the best in everyone.Floral Dog They can bring a smile to someone’s face spontaneously and sincerely, challenged only by a puppy, kitten or new baby. Flowers in our homes make our environment feel complete. In an office or business, the presence of flowers shows an attention to detail, company image and the customer.

People discuss the “practicality” of flowers and the usual “well, they just die” or “they require care” enter the discussion, but that discussion will come abruptly to an end when the speaker is presented with a bouquet of flowers. Despite the practical considerations, their face breaks in to a smile and happiness glows in that smile.

Flowers make people happy all on their own, but if we give them a novelty spin, that opens up a whole new area to explore. What fun can we have with flowers?

Even the most sophisticated flower lover will marvel at the ingenuity and creativity behind a floral animal or character. And smile? Absolutely! Taking flowers and creating something unique is an artistic talent very much the same as a painter does with paint or a musician does with musical notes. The floral designer can create something serious and dramatic or fun and whimsical. And believe me the fun and whimsical is just as challenging as creating something contemporary or classic.

Even a single bloom can turn into the unexpected. A few chenille stems, some floral paint, a little glue and a great imagination can turn a few carnations into the cast of Sesame Street. When looking at these I have the strongest impulse to have a party!

A little sculpting ability can take a block of floral foam to create the base for something special. Combined with a profusion of white button chrysanthemums accented with some black floral paint, a florist can turn a photo of a favored stuffed animal into a three dimensional replica; a surprise for the bride on her wedding day.

How about a pair of puppies in a basket as a gift for a dog lover? The possibilities are endless.

Floral DeerCreating novelty designs is nothing new; florists have been doing it for decades. And consumers have loved their creations. A turkey with his tail feathers spread in a fan made of liatris can adorn the Thanksgiving table, while a chick made of yellow chrysanthemums can fill an Easter basket. The center of a sunflower can wear a happy face and its stem can sport a bowtie. The only limitation is the imagination.

On a grander scale, we see this concept in all its glory on New Year’s Day at the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, Calif.

Whether a single bloom, a small animal and everything in between right up to a parade float, flowers are an art form like no other. Some things are interpreted better than others so don’t get too carried away, but imagine what fun we can have with flowers. Look at colors and textures and let your imagination go…or speak with your florist as he can always come up with something different and fun for that someone special.

What are some of the interesting floral creations you have seen?