Rutgers University research shows flowers create instant delight and have a long-term positive effect on moods. We are in constant search of happiness. We want to be happy, and we want those around us to be happy too. Often, making others happy is how we achieve happiness for ourselves. There are lots of ways to create happiness, but one I know that works every time is sending someone flowers. Numerous Rutgers University studies on the subject each time concluding that flowers make people truly happy. Surprising someone with an unexpected delivery of flowers creates smiles all around both for the recipient and the sender.

I’ve worked with flowers my whole life and one question that always has a positive answer is when you ask someone if they remember the last time they were sent flowers. They always know. Sadly for some, that occasion was many years ago but they still remember it vividly. For that memory to be so easy to recall must mean that it was important, important to them. You’ll also notice that as they recall this memory they smile. Now that is Flower Power at its best. 

Flowers come in all shapes, sizes and colors. There are endless options for combinations to create beautiful bouquets. Here we have created a modern arrangement in forward reaching shades of red, coral and butter yellow. Roses, ranunculus, tulips and poppies come together accented with a textured fringed ribbon. Tendrils of jasmine vine peak out amongst the blooms adding just a bit of energy and fun to the bouquet. I love these colors together as they are appropriate for any time of the year and they make it impossible not to smile when you see them.

Life is busy these days. Our waking hours are filled with tasks and responsibilities; one often bleeding directly into another, and for many, multi-tasking has become an art. Technology has made it possible for us to be in more places than one at a time. Often we are reminded in our whirlwind of busyness to “stop and smell the roses,” which occasionally we do. Maybe the next time we have the opportunity, we should also make sure some flowers are delivered to those we care about, which I guarantee will deliver happiness right back to us as well.