Growing Up With Flowers - Bradley Beck“Hey, you’re the flower man.” I often hear this when I go back to the local elementary school every year to teach kids about flowers, and I’m not even a florist – although I do work with florists all the time. I’ve been conducting a flower program for kids for years ever since my youngest daughter was in first grade.

A few of my peers and I wrote and created a program to share our love of flowers and the flower business with children. We developed the “Growing Up With Flowers” program to teach children about the beauty and value of flowers.

I always open and close my programs by singing a song I wrote called, “The Flower Song” to get the children’s attention. I ask the children if they want to sing a happy song about flowers? They love the simple hand gestures and the catchy rhythm: “I have a little seed, I put it in the ground. I covered it with dirt and I watered it around. Up comes the stem, and out comes the leaves. And out POPS the flower, that comes from the seed. Flowers come in many colors, from all around the world. Flowers give good feelings, to all the Boys and Girls.” 

My daughter always loved the stories I read to her, so I thought telling stories would also work with other children. I tell stories about various flowers from history or mythology. Some of my favorites are how the ‘days eye’ became the daisy or how the iris became the symbol of France. I’ll give seeds and flowers to the children to hold, touch and smell. Together we conduct experiments with flowers such as adding food coloring to water in a clear bud vase and ask the children to observe what happens to a flower as it is placed in the colored water and more importantly, why. We pass out plastic bud vases for the children to arrange flowers in and take them home to their parents to enjoy.

Growing Up With FlowersAll the kids I teach about flowers seem to really enjoy the time. The best part is how their faces light up at the sight of a flower. Did you know this is a scientifically proven reaction for all ages? A study conducted at Rutgers University shows that a gift of flowers creates instant delight and happiness. All study participants expressed “true” or “excited” smiles upon receiving flowers, demonstrating extraordinary delight and gratitude. This reaction was universal, occurring in all age groups.

Share the joy of flowers with your children. Take them to pick out flowers from your local florist, garden center or visit a local garden. Watch them smile and learn.

Have you ever noticed children’s reactions to seeing or being given a flower?

Note to teachers: Consider a flower program for your class for 30 minutes of fun, exploration and learning. Contact your local florist to ask if they can come in and share the beauty of flowers with your students. For a copy of the free educators manual and a coloring book, contact Bradley at