Bridal Nouveau By Coby Neal AIFD, PFCI, of The Flower Studio in Austin, TexasWedding trends follow the lead of what is popular, and most brides-to-be wouldn’t miss Leonardo DiCaprio in one of the year’s biggest cinematic blockbusters. The movie adaptation of the classic American novel, The Great Gatsby, with its elaborate, distinct movie set, acknowledges the glamorous lifestyle of the lead characters and their luscious gardens, décor and fanciful attire. Set in the 1920s, during the time known as the Roaring Twenties or the Jazz Age, life was about dazzling sparkle, feathers, metallic tones, dancing, and over embellishing the simple elements of life.

Here are five “Roaring Romance” wedding trends inspired by the Great Gatsby:

  • Silver candelabras along with other metallic influences of silver and gold will look elegant.
  • Sequins, beads, sparkles and shiny things will dazzle in bridal clothing and table linen.
  • Feathers and art deco patterns will adorn invitations.
  • Large, oversized floral arrangements will make dramatic first impressions.
  • Floral selection will stay clean in color but expensive in taste. We will see an emergence in requests of orchids of all kinds — phalaenopsis, dendrobium and cymbidiums.

If you are planning your wedding, check out our Great Gatsby Inspired Board on Pinterest  and talk to your local florist for more floral ideas grand enough even Gatsby himself would approve.

What are your favorite Great Gatsby inspired wedding trends?