Did you know that a florist can capture a person’s personality in flowers? Create a design uniquely special just for them, based on just a few hints of their hobbies, interests, or style? Our newest VaseOff! Challenge will show just how a florist does it, and you can follow along in the fun.

Professional florists specialize in creating unique personalized floral arrangements to delight recipients. So for our next Challenge, Surprise Flowers, Just Because, we asked our four contestants to design and deliver a custom arrangement to highlight the one-of-a-kind taste and style of a popular blogger in their area based on their blogs and Pinterest pages. We want you to look for the floral design that you think best reflects the personality of its unique recipient, and vote right here Oct. 29 – Nov. 12.


You’ll love seeing the custom floral arrangements in this Challenge because the floral recipients themselves are so fun, unique and personable. Here’s the blogger-to-florist matchup in the Surprise Flowers, Just Because VaseOff! Challenge:

  • The Glamorous Houswife’s Bethany Herwegh received a customized floral design created by Jeffrey Rohr at Playa Del Rey Florist in Playa Del Rey, Calif.
  • Emily Loerke of Today’s Letters received a special delivery from Debra Doukas of Nanz & Kraft Florists in Louisville, Ky.
  • Delightfully Tacky’s Elizabeth Morrow accepted a personalized floral gift designed by Lola Bayle of Blooms at the Windmill in Sumner, Wash.
  • Melissa Baswell Williams of Bubby & Bean received flowers specially arranged by Walter Fedyshyn at Phillip’s Flowers & Gifts in Chicago.

We have seen the floral arrangements designed by the florist contestants. We are awe-struck by their talent and expertise in matching the recipients’ personalities with flowers. We can’t wait to see which floral design you think reflects its recipient best.

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In the meantime, please post a comment about the last time you received a gift of flowers.