Easter GerberasI love the holidays. Thank goodness I am a florist. It allows me to celebrate each and every holiday multiple times. Not only do I decorate my own home, but I get to do the store displays and flowers for all my customers.

Easter is early this year, falling on Sunday, March 31. I’ve been saving eggshells since January. Quick tip on eggshells: Rather than break the egg in half, carefully tap the top and pour out the egg for use in cooking. Then, carefully, rinse the shell and let it dry. This is “re-use and recycle” at its finest. If you want to make your florist love you, take them cleaned eggs for designing — there are only so many eggs we can eat! And we florists will take your egg trays, too.

In my family, Easter is my holiday responsibility. A responsibility not to be taken Easter Egg Cartonlightly, hence saving eggshells since January. We love to get together, especially for the holidays. On Easter, there may be 20 or more joining the festivities at my house. It certainly takes a long set of tables to hold everyone. Not to mention borrowing chairs from the office conference room.

Easter TableI like to set the tables a day or two in advance so I get to enjoy the floral decor while finishing the other party details. On this table, tete-a-tete daffodils and muscari look fabulous with wheat grass. For the placemats —  stylish file folders labeled with each guest’s name.

Ask your florist for a beautiful floral arrangement for your family’s Easter table. Tulips, gerberas, ranunculas and anemone are wonderful for springtime color.

What are your favorite Easter flowers?