Consultation with your Wedding FloristWhen my daughter turned 12, she informed me she was going to start wearing make up. At the time, I was reading “How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk” by Adele Faber. In the book, Faber suggests turning to professionals for help. Taking a cue from Faber, I called a beautician and asked if she would convince my 12-year-old Crisi that she does not need makeup. Susie the beautician said she would not do that, but she would assess Crisi’s skin and let her know what was best for her. I reluctantly agreed.

After her appointment with the beautician, Crisi came running out, waving a bag full of “things” and proudly proclaimed, “Susie says I can wear make-up!” I was not happy. Then Crisi showed me what she had in her bag: clear mascara, bubble gum lip-gloss, clear blush, soap, and lotion. Phew! Thank you, Susie.

Similar to seeking advice from a beautician, when it comes to flowers for events, trust a professional.

Your local florist will ask questions and offer suggestions to help you create a special event. Formal or informal, inside or outside, day or night, these are important aspects that go along with choosing flowers and floral designs for your event.

If your event is tied to a color, which is often the case for weddings and baby showers or graduation parties, your florist can tell you what colors work well together, and what flowers are available in those colors. Or if your event is themed, such as Mexican Fiesta, your florist will have ideas about other party decorations that go along with the hot colors.

If you’re hosting a small dinner party at home and you want a centerpiece, take your favorite vase or container to your florist and tell them about the colors in your dining room. Your florist can design a special centerpiece to set the right mood and make your guests feel welcome.

Even party expert Jeanne Benedict, host of DIY Network’s Weekend Entertaining, says go to a florist for stress-free party planning.

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It’s OK to ask for help. Stop by your local flower shop and trust the professional florist with your floral needs.