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We have all heard first impressions are the most important. Why should Christmas décor be any different? During this holiday season of meeting and greeting, there are many ways of sharing your festive spirit, why not start with your front door? Whether you are having an intimate dinner or a festive family affair, all your guests will be arriving through your front door. Wow them from the beginning. Take this space as an opportunity to welcome your guests with your style, your grace and showcase your love of fresh greens, natural materials and beautiful blooms.

Here are three examples of distinctive decorations for three different doors.

Repetition. Be non-traditional by not only using one wreath, but pop your front door with three. Use a fun, decorative ribbon to hang the wreaths together. To make this interesting, rely on your local florist or nursery to give you advice and offer unique selections of holiday greens.

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Traditional Red. Red is the No. 1 holiday color — vibrant, intense impact. Pictured here are simple red carnation spheres and a holiday door wreath that scream for the love of flowers. To make your party preparation a little easier, ask your local florist to design these for you or ask for alternative floral choices for a lasting impression.

Nature’s Calling. We all began as hunters and gatherers, and this is a prime example of using natural materials to greet your guests. While going on a nature walk or in your backyard, take the time to collect pinecones to use as natural elements in your holiday décor.

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Use this one element to set the mood of your simplistic setting from the initial impact of your front door wreath to a large bowl filled on your dining table. Your local florist might be able to get you larger pinecones grown in different regions of the country. They have the resources and connections to find some of the most rare available.

No matter if you are lover of repetition, red or roaming in nature, make a remarkable first impression this holiday season with your front door.

How are you decorating your front door for the holidays?