Make Any Day SpecialFor years, every Tuesday, Kay at the local flower shop delivered flowers to my mom and stepfather. Kay would go right inside and set the flowers on the table and take the previous week’s vase and flowers. I used to include a card with each bouquet, but after 10 years, I assumed they knew the flowers were from me.

While visiting my mom one day, we saw Kay and the flower van out on a delivery. Mom said to me, “Kay is so nice.” I agreed. Then my mom said, “You know, she brings me flowers every Tuesday.” Guess she thought that I had stopped sending them because there was no card from me. I said, “Kay is nice, but I am even nicer; I am the one who pays for them.” She smiled and thanked me. She said she and my stepfather loved the weekly flowers, talked about them, and when guests came over, they sent some flowers home with them.

The day after my mother died, I was sitting next to my stepfather, a hard working tough guy, in mass. He leaned over and quietly asked if the flowers would still be coming on Tuesdays. “Of course,” I answered. Several months later, he told me how much he enjoys the flowers. “I keep some and take the rest to the cemetery so your mama can still have flowers on Tuesday.” By then I was crying, but he went on, “The deer love them, too, because they can have something sweet to eat on Tuesdays.”

I had no idea that the flowers meant so much to him.

This week, go purchase a bouquet of flowers; deliver them personally, just because. Deliver them to your mother, father, sister, daughter or best friend. Giving a gift of flowers is something that will lighten up your life as well as theirs.