Rose "Carpet" Aisle

One of the hottest trends in weddings right now is designer rose petal carpets and beautiful patterns that adorn the bride’s path. The patterns are usually made up of thick and hearty rose petals, whether a single color or a nice mix of the bride’s color palette.

Some of the most popular we are seeing in today’s wedding market are…

Aisle Carpet: The aisle is completely covered with petals from side to side and front to back.

Rose petals cover sides of aisle

Sides of Aisle

Aisle Sides: Each side of the aisle is covered, creating two skinny rows, one on each side of the path.

Aisle Pattern: A particular design is created with petals. Most often we see scrolls, monograms, and distinct patterns replicating the wedding theme.

Pink rose petals arranged in scrolled pattern

Scroll Design Aisle

Aisle Sprinkles: The aisle is simply sprinkled with petals, a precursor to the flower girl toss.

There is absolutely nothing like the glamour and luscious touch of a fresh rose petal-adorned aisle, no matter what the style!

You can rely on your local florist for their expertise on calculating the amount of petals you will need to adorn your aisle and they can take care of the design for you. Florists are artists and can provide creative ideas and advice to make your special day magical.

Which style of wedding aisle is your favorite?

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