There is one American tradition that can be greatly enhanced by the addition of flowers — the summer BBQ.  We go to great lengths to make sure that we have the meats marinated, the drinks chilled and all of the side courses prepared with perfection, but we often forget how welcome and special our guests will feel with the addition of some simple florals to the table. It doesn’t take much to accomplish this task. Just a quick stop by your local florist is all the time you need to select either a nice arrangement for your table (already made with the TLC of a professional) or just a few blooms to enhance your table setting.

Here are some quick and easy ideas to add flowers to your outside celebration:

1)  Find some matching glass candleholders and line them up on the table, alternating each with candles  and flowers.   The repetition of the vase element brings a designer look to the tabletop.

2)   Take some beautiful blossoms  and contain them under inverted wine glasses or parfait goblets. Top each with a votive candle and parade them down a table runner for a fabulous summer evening event.

3)   Fill vintage glass vases with tropical hued blossoms.  The flowers can be combinations of those purchased and various stems cut right from your garden.  The key, though, is the color.   Think “tropical punch” and make your arrangements using that color inspiration.   Break out the margaritas and the calypso music… and let the party begin.

Tell us about your summer barbecue flowers.