The first day of school is a milestone no matter what grade your student is entering. On the big day, you’ll snap photos of them clutching a new backpack and wearing new school clothes before sending him or her off. You’ll proudly share those photos, post them on Facebook, and look back at them fondly in years to come. The first day of school can be both a time of excitement and trepidation for your child who has a new teacher, new classmates and a new routine.

Start the day with a fun, memorable tradition — give flowers to your child. Flowers are a great way to celebrate the milestone, and can help ease those first day jitters and send your student off with a smile. Research proves being around flowers makes you happier and more energetic, especially after looking at them first thing in the morning. Who wouldn’t want those good feelings on the first day of school?

As you’re back to school shopping, call your local florist and place an order for your favorite student. Here are suggestions on floral gifts appropriate for your kindergartener up to college-bound student:

Kindergarten through Early Elementary School student: A single flower will make your young student smile and feel extra special on their first day of school. You can even dress up the flowers in their favorite characters, like these Sesame Street carnations.

Elementary School: Step up your game with a creative floral arrangement. Your student will get a kick out of flowers delivered in a unique container, such as these pretty pink flowers in trendy high-top sneakers.

Floral All Stars - Monday Morning Flower and Balloon Co in Princeton, N.J., and Yardley, Pa.

Another option for your elementary student is carnivorous plants, such as venus flytraps, or terrariums. They’re cool and let young imaginations run wild. Plus they give your student an opportunity to care for the plant, which is a wonderful learning experience.


Terrarium — Farrell's Florist in Drexel Hill, PA

Middle through High School: A bouquet of roses, gerbera daisies or mixed flowers in fun, bold and contrasting colors wrapped in bright graphic tissue paper is a classic gift and creates a special memory.

Celebratory Bouquets - Shirley's Flowers & Gifts, Inc., in Rogers, Ark.

College Bound: If your student is college bound, send a floral arrangement in school colors and ask the local florist to deliver it in a mascot vase, which becomes a keepsake, holding pens and pencils in the dorm.

Graduation Flowers - Shirley's Flowers & Gifts, Inc., Rogers, Ark.

Another option for your college student is a beautiful plant. Green and blooming plants or succulents will make the dorm room a cozier, homier place.

Succulents — Leanne and David Kesler, Floral Design Institute, Inc., in Portland, Ore.

How do you celebrate the first day of school?