5610846572_d4ee97c632(1)While visiting a friend recovering in a long-term care facility, I witnessed a florist in the lobby delivering flowers. In my career, I have delivered flowers to many places. The task at hand was delivery — drop off the flowers and move on to the next place.

While standing there in the long-term care facility lobby, I realized I had rarely stayed and watched what happened.

I watched as positive energy spread throughout the room. Everyone — staff, residents and guests — was talking about the flowers. They wanted to know who the flowers were for and what types of flowers they were. They commented on the colors, the ribbons, the fragrance. No one asked about the cost of the flowers, or mentioned the arrangements’ size. The comments focused on the beauty of the flowers.

Eventually the crowd thinned, but the positive energy remained. I walked over to the front desk and asked about this energy. The lady told me this reaction to flower deliveries happens every single time. “The flowers are a gift, a blessing for the person who receives them and for everyone in the building,” she told me.

In fact, the positive benefits of flowers are scientifically proven. Research from Rutgers University shows that flowers create instant delight and increase life satisfaction. A further Harvard University study shows the presence of flowers decreases worry and anxiety.

When you send flowers, you’re sending more than just flowers. You are sending a gift of joy, memories, and beauty to all who see them.