Entry Way FlowersI have been in the floral industry my whole life, yet I still find receiving flowers a thrill. I think it’s because when those flowers are handed to me, I really feel special. This is an experience that I want to share and do regularly with the people I care about.

No matter how busy we are, the flower delivery person gets our immediate attention. Whether they are walking up your front path, down the corridor or heading toward your desk from the elevator, it is a natural instinct just to stop whatever you are doing and wait and see if the flowers are for you.

Research proves that flowers make people happy. I had an experience recently where I was asked to meet with the administrator of a hospital to help determine appropriate places within the hospital to place flowers on a regular basis. As we were passing a receptionist’s desk, we stopped to discuss the area, and as the receptionist was within hearing, we explained to her what we were discussing. It was incredible to watch her face light up. She immediately exclaimed that she loved flowers and went on to add her personal preferences.

Sending flowers as a gift is a sure way to make an impression and to communicate emotions that are often hard to express. We all have people in our lives who are important to us, and what better way to show it than to send flowers? Special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays are a natural, but what about those other times like when they are having a bad day, or when they have done something nice for you and you want to thank them? Maybe just sending flowers to say you are glad you have them in your life might be a spontaneous way to nurture a valuable friendship.

Here are my favorite reasons for sending flowers to my friends:

  • Someone is “crankier” than usual — flowers can be a great “attitude adjustment.”
  • To recognize a small achievement for someone who has been struggling maybe with a difficult job or a new diet… “You can do it!”
  • To brighten someone’s day when they are down… “I wanted to send you a smile.”
  • To invite future contact… ”Missing you, let’s get together soon.”
  • As a thank you for being a good friend… “What would I do without you?!”.

Life is short, and friendship is one of life’s most important gifts. Sending beautiful flowers, combined with a personal note, is a powerful way to let those that you care about know they are important to you. Research also shows that gifts of flowers are remembered long after the flowers have faded. Keep those friendships alive and well with nature’s most special gift, flowers.

Tell me about the times you’ve sent flowers to friends or about the times you’ve received flowers. Was it memorable?