floristsThis year, Valentine’s Day falls on Saturday. How nice for those sweethearts who work Monday through Friday to have the whole day to spend together celebrating their love. This is all the more reason to make flowers part of that celebration, and your florist is ready to serve you!

Flowers are scientifically proven to create instant delight and increase enjoyment and life satisfaction. Who wouldn’t want that for their Valentine?

So plan ahead, order early, and you’ll be sure to wow your sweetheart. Here are tips on how your florist can help you express your love:

Early deliveries to the office:

Many people love the “wow” impact of the floral delivery to the office. Valentine’s Day flowers can be sent to your special someone’s office on Thursday or Friday to set the mood for a romantic weekend, or on the following Monday to continue the fun. Some florists offer incentives, such as discounted delivery or special add-ons, for orders delivered prior to Valentine’s Day. Check out what your florist has to offer.

An accompaniment to dinner:

In addition to their unmatched beauty and powerful impact on the recipient, the great thing about Valentine’s Day flowers is their versatility. They can be delivered direct to your dinner table, hotel room, or wherever you want to surprise your sweetheart. It’s those kinds of touches that make for a memorable evening.

Enhancement to weekend plans:

Many people see flowers as the must-have component to romantic weekend plans. For those not able to go away for the night or weekend, florists can play an important role in helping romantics be creative. If you can’t actually go to a desired destination, why not create it at home?

  • weddingFlowers can take you places and help you relive fond, romantic memories. Whether it be reminiscing about a Caribbean honeymoon, creating a relaxing spa retreat feel, or reliving a wine country getaway – flowers can set the stage for a romantic evening in.
  • Give her “hotel room service” at home with a surprise breakfast in bed and flowers.
  • Recreate flowers from your wedding day. Bring a photo to your local florist, and with just a little notice, the look can be duplicated into a very romantic Valentine arrangement.

It’s not too soon to call your florist and order Valentine’s Day flowers. The earlier you call, the more options you will have for flower type, color and delivery.

Good luck, Cupid!

What’s the most romantic way you have used flowers?