In this fast-paced world we live in, we use our homes as a retreat from the hustle and bustle, and flowers help us create a sanctuary that reflects our unique personality. As we look ahead to 2017, four floral trends showcase a mix of colors, patterns, and textures that both calm and excite.

frenchconnection_michaelskaffThe “French Connection” is the first trend that demands our attention for 2017. Fall in love with France and the beauty that surrounds this culture by calling to mind the romance of cobblestone streets, country cottages, and the fabric of life that never goes out of style. This movement takes us away from bold, in-your face geometric patterns and inspires us with intimate micro-floral prints, rustic handmade ceramics and the charm that makes us fall in love with French style and cuisine — that certain “je ne sais quoi” we never can truly resist. The color palette of seductive red containing hints of chocolate and burnt orange; golden yellows; sage grey-greens; pale grey-blue; charcoal and soft muted pink. Working well within this trend we find luxurious fabrics, velvet ribbons, multi-petaled blooms, such as garden roses and peonies in combination with textural berries, such as raspberries, rose hips and viburnum. Aged metallic pedestal containers and distressed ceramic vases remind us of both the beauty found in the city of Paris as well as in the countryside. Traditional aesthetics are comforting.

forceofnature_michaelskaffThe “Force of Nature” continues our love of bringing nature into our lives. Let your breath slow to a steady, peaceful rhythm as you tune into the beat of your own heart. Connecting us to nature, this movement pays homage to the sky above, the land below and the water that moves so effortlessly from place to place. We all strive for a peaceful environment and an escape from the hectic workday, and therefore look for harmony and balance found in nature. We see a movement from the bright teals, blues and greens to the more muted palette by the incorporation of gray undertones added to these colors. Mossy greens, ocean blues and softer teals come to the forefront in this trend. All that the ocean in its power and majesty provides will be popular: shells, sea glass, nautical items and driftwood. There is a strong resurgence of tie-dyed items but in a more refined manner than when it first surfaced in the ’60s. We find in this theme a resurgence in heirloom varieties, such as delphinium, grape hyacinth, veronica and nigella. Completing this trend are hand-blown vessels and unique textural sand finishes on containers.

modernwonders_michaelskaffModern Wonders” is a dramatic, chic trend for those who like simplicity. With the idea that great pieces never go out of style, this movement blends modern sophisticated lines with furnishings from other cultures and past generations to create an overall new look. For the world traveler collecting items to make their living spaces replete with memories and meaning, to those who love to find an antique that inspires with its nod to another time, this style unites young and old with a fresh approach. Colors of deep plum red, gray infused lavender, taupe, aged pale grey and metallic copper add a sense of sophistication to this trend. The warmth of copper and the various textures of this metallic finish is going to be prevalent and powerful for 2017. Hand-beaten copper bowls, burnished or aged copper finishes are all relevant for this trend. Clean line, bold single blooms or unique shaped flowers such as orange anthurium, red ginger, protea, chocolate cymbidiums or sexy muted lavender rose varieties such as Early Grey, Grey Knights, or Amnesia are just some flowers within this trend.

intothejungle_michaelskaffInto the Jungle” is another trend for 2017. This untamed look brings out the wild side in all of us. This movement is a departure from the mundane, that has us craving for exotic prints, the call of the wild, and mysterious hues of the jungle. Beckoning to new adventures, this style is taking hold with its warm, sunlit golden backdrops that make you lean in a little closer and breathe even deeper. Once again we see some of the bright colors; namely, orange, yellow and green being muted down with gray and brown undertones resulting in a camouflaged appearance. Wild and exotic prints in muted shades are key for fashion, fabrics and home decor in 2017. Hand-woven inspired baskets, wooden bowls, and hand-crafted carved vases complement this look. Tropical foliages of every shade of green, mosses, bamboo, and raw cork are elements that complete this trend.

Which of these trends for 2017 are you most excited about?